Leather Care

Waterproof your leather well from the first days!

In this Workshop, we give you the essential advice to take care of your jacket. With these tips, you can maintain it properly and keep it for many years! Of course, each room has its particularities and you may not find the answer to your question here. If this is the case, do not hesitate to contact our advisers who will find the right solution for you!

brkleather.com only offers genuine leather products. Leather is a noble and living material. Its irregularities are the pledge of its authenticity: the perfect leather does not exist! Scratches, stretch marks, wrinkles or color variations only emphasize the unique appearance of your leather. So don’t give too much importance to all these small imperfections since they will increase over time and your leather garment will become an authentic and unique piece. However, to keep its appearance and suppleness for a long time, it needs regular care and certain attentions. From a few daily tips to nourishing the skin, including waterproofing and cleaning your jacket.



Waterproof your leather jacket

From the first days, think about waterproofing your leather! And yes, when you buy it, your jacket is new and has not yet received any treatment! Repeat the operation approximately once per quarter. However, the more you wear it and the more it will be subjected to bad weather, the more it will be advisable to repeat it regularly!

For oily leather, because of its tendency to bleed, consider waterproofing it a second time immediately after the first operation has dried.

How to clean a leather jacket?

You are certainly wondering how can leather be washed? This is indeed the most difficult part and we will always advise you to present your jacket to a leather specialist who will then have the means to advise you according to the model, the quality of the skin and the nature of the problem!

If, however, you wish to carry out the operation yourself, you will find our advice on how to avoid problems! Moreover, cleansing milk this one has been designed to be able to be applied without risk on the vast majority of leathers and will allow you to get rid of small stains! Please note, this product only works on smooth leather! Above all, do not use it on velvet skins, turned skins or on oily leathers!

Although vegetable tanned leathers can also be smooth, we recommend that you use a solvent-free cream, which is less aggressive for leather that has not undergone chemical treatment.

Finally, for more stubborn stains, you can use a cloth soaked in gasoline F. You can find it in any good DIY store. Be careful though, the operation is already a little less harmless!

How to use cleansing milk or delicate cream?
I have white spots on my leather!

You have stored your leather for a while and you find it covered with small white stains? Do not worry ! It’s just regrowth! To get rid of it, all you have to do is wipe a cloth soaked in cleansing milk!

Feed your leather...

Maintenance also involves feeding its leather! This step will allow it to prolong its life but also to give it a new shine when you feel that it is getting old.

For smooth leather, you can use the cleansing milk for cleaning. Indeed, it is cleansing AND nourishing! Be careful, if some “experts” recommend the use of baby milk, these are not suitable for leather. Leather is a skin that has been transformed and has undergone treatments to make it rot-proof. It therefore requires a milk that is much richer in nutrients. Once your milk is available, all you have to do is lightly rub the skin using your cloth on which you will have previously poured a dab of milk.

Attention, again, suede leathers, turned skins, oily leathers and vegetable tanned leathers will not support the use of this cream. If you are looking to feed this type of jacket, turn to a specialist who will have previously familiarized himself with the model.

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